Are You ...

A Linux Fanatic?

We're a 100% Linux shop, and we're proud of it. Do you know different distributions like the palm of your hand? Can you fix yum issues as quick and easy as you make your morning coffee?

A Virtualization Expert?

Are you able to quickly explain the key differences between KVM, OpenVZ, Xen, and LXC? Have you worked extensively with Linux virtualization in the past?.

A Web Hosting Veteran?

Have you worked in the web hosting industry before? Have you dealt extensively with cPanel and WHMCS? With various control panels for virtualization?

Committed To Service?

Are you all about thinking from the customer's perspective? About thinking through the best possible way to solve a customer's issue?

If You Said Yes To The Questions Above ...

We might have a place for you in our company. We're US-based, but 100% remote. Our team is distributed across the world. We've been a virtual team for almost a decade. We have the experience, systems, and documentation in place to make it work.

We offer great flexibility, competitive pay, a relaxed work environment, and opportunities for growth. We only hire folks who're interested in the long term. The vast majority of our employees have been with us for several years. We intend to keep it that way.

Come Work With Us

We only want the best of the best. Our selection process consists of multiple steps. We will interview you, give you some tests, and probably interview you some more.

If you're up for the challenge, and if you're keen on working in one of the best distributed teams in the hosting world, we invite you to apply. Click here to submit your application.

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