Cheap VPS hosting plans

  • SSD Basic

    512MB Memory

    30GB SSD Space

    2 Core Processor

    Unmetered Network

    1 IPv4 Address

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  • SSD Business

    1GB Memory

    50GB SSD Space

    2 Core Processor

    Unmetered Network

    1 IPv4 Address

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  • SSD Premium

    2GB Memory

    100GB SSD Space

    4 Core Processor

    Unmetered Network

    1 IPv4 Address

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  • SSD Advanced

    4GB Memory

    200GB SSD Space

    4 Core Processor

    Unmetered Network

    3 IPv4 Addresses

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  • SSD Enterprise

    8GB Memory

    300GB SSD Space

    4 Core Processor

    Unmetered Network

    5 IPv4 Addresses

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and all major credit/debit cards.

  • How am I billed?

    You select your own billing cycle during the order process. We support month to month, quarterly, semi-annually and annual billing.

  • What is "Unmetered Bandwidth"?

    We do not charge customers for their bandwidth usage. You are free to use as much as possible. Unmetered does not mean infinite however - for example an unmetered 100Mbit/s connection gives a maximum transfer of roughly 30TB/month or 30000Gbytes/month. Check your plan for your network speed.

  • How long does it take for my VPS to be setup?

    If your account information passes our automatic screening process, your server provisioning will begin instantly and your server should be online within 5 minutes. If server is not up within 5 minutes, please open a ticket on our helpdesk.

  • Do you provide any server management or backups?

    Our services are unmanaged, and we do not provide or take any backups of your files. Our team is available for ad-hoc or project based items if you need our assistance. Open a support ticket for further details

  • Can I upgrade my VPS' resources?

    Yes, You are free to upgrade to a higher plan at any time. You will be prorated for the rest of the period.

  • How do you do cancellations?

    Servers are canceled at the end of each billing period or immediately depending on what the customers desires. Customer is required to make a cancellation request at least 72 hours before their renewal date to ensure it can be processed in time. After a server is canceled all customer data is deleted and you will not be able to recover it if you decide to reactivate in the future.

  • Can I run Docker or Wireguard?

    Yes you can, both Docker and Wireguard work here.

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